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Ferry Play

1.99 usd

Ride New York City's Staten Island Ferry with nothing more than a set of headphones and this app to experience the site-specific, full sensory experience of a podplay for the Staten Island Ferry. As the ferry sets sail, put your earbuds in place and listen to the recorded production in which every surrounding sight, smell and sound plays a supporting role in the experience. Ghosts from the ferry's past mingle with voices from its present, leaving you to consider you role in the live performance event that is the Big Apple.Ferry Play is a self-scheduled performance: you can ride the ferry late at night, early in the morning, or any time in between - you choose the day and time, which then affects the experience you have. Act 1 takes place on the ride from Manhattan to Staten Island; Act 2 takes place on the ride from Staten Island to Manhattan. Podplays are an emerging genre of theatre that take advantage of mobile technology to create site-specific audio-based theatrical experiences.